Help Gobby escape the dungeon!

Explore a mysterious dungeon in this dungeon-crawler RPG.
Fight with dice in turn based combat. Use your skills to make combos and beat bad luck. Loot, buy and upgrade your equipment to build a dice pool able to fend your foes, monsters and humans alike!




Discover 12 interconnected levels with classic grid-like controls. Walk, run, jump, swim, take stairs and fall across different floors! Meet a varied cast of inhabitants and maybe make some friends.



Fight with your dice in turn-based combat. Luck is not something you can rely on. Only your skills will lead you to victory. Loot, build, and upgrade your dice pool and skills to .


Crack open chests and discover powerful new dice to add to your arsenal. Craft a unique dice pool and unlock devastating skills! Unleash unstoppable combos using your dice and skills.




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